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About Titan

Titan is a general-purpose cognitive engine for building intelligent applications.

“text-in,” “text-out” 

“text-in,” “action out”

What is Titan?

The Titan Engine lays the AI framework for efficiently building robust and scalable intelligent agents and applications. It features advanced cognitive skills such as autonomous and continuous learning, natural language understanding, knowledge representation, and automated reasoning.

Developers and non-developers can use the Titan Engine to build cognitive interactions, automate business processes, simulate potential scenarios, and discover hidden insights (no AI or Data Science skills required).

Titan has four high-level components:


The engine is the brain of the AI. It features an integrated set of subsystems working together to offer a framework for learning, understanding, and acting on Information.


Agents are the embodiment of AI and the digital glue between users and the engine.
Agents orchestrate the activities of the engine, represent users, and interface with other agents in a natural way (natural language).


The platform is the AI exchange. It is a collaborative and decentralized multi-agent network that lets you find, build, share, and market AI services and agents.


Titan is accessible through a general-purpose API that provides a “text in, text out” natural language interface.

Why Titan?

Titan offers a reusable and scalable set of tools while reducing the overall cost, complexity, and time-to-market required to develop cognitive solutions.

  • Open and scalable architecture

    At the platform level, Titan offers a well-defined open architecture of interoperable and reusable building blocks similar to the internet. All the systems interact with each other while remaining capable of working independently.

  • Multi-purpose cognitive ability

    Titan offers an integrated cognitive engine —like an OS— that supports various applications and domains. Titan deploys "meta" applications (natural language understanding and generation, knowledge reasoning and simulation, and autonomous, continuous, real-time learning) as the critical elements for enhancing human interactions, cognitive automation, and insight.    

  • Governable model

    Titan offers a thin and non-intrusive cognitive layer. You can customize your AI to your needs and deploy it on the cloud, at the edge, or entirely offline and maintain control over your data, privacy, and intellectual property.

  • Monetizable solutions

    With Titan, you can fully market and manage your Titan-powered solutions and generate new revenue streams.

How does Titan work?

Titan, through its cognitive agents, converts unstructured textual data presented from external systems (e.g., spreadsheets, databases, documents, customer service logs, social feeds, and so on)  into an interwoven web of knowledge made of Concepts and Events —the same units that human minds use to solve problems.

Like humans do when they think, Titan agents structure, navigate, and simulate knowledge, allowing them to follow instructions, respond to queries, and take actions.

How do I get access to Titan?

Titan is currently available in a closed beta.

Please consult the Titan registration page and review the frequently asked questions to request access.