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The future as we see it

In our view, artificial general intelligence can only be realized in a distributed approach similar to real life. Humans neither think nor work alone. Instead, they thrive in societal structures, collaborating, coordinating, and competing to find solutions. In the same vein, we see a society of autonomous agents sensing and reacting to their environments, cooperating with humans and each other to solve problems.

Why we go to work every day


We are building the next-generation digital platform


Humans and machines collaborating to solve the world’s biggest challenges.


Develop technology that powers the intelligent entities of tomorrow.


Develop technology that powers the intelligent entities of tomorrow.


Enable people and organizations to transcend their cognitive limitations.

Looking back a few years

At the beginning of our journey, we set out to build a high-fidelity world simulator: the type of tool you need to model situations and improve decisions. Many years —and failures— later, we ended up with a cognitive system comprised of several integrated engines designed to replicate human problem-solving capabilities inside machines.

This is us

Titan Virtual is a technology company based in Washington DC and California, USA. It was founded in 2017 by the three Tricha brothers as a Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence venture.  Before joining together, all the brothers worked in deep technology companies, from advanced medical imaging and security screening to multi-orbit satellite systems.


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