Autonomous cognitive agents
with natural language ability

Packed with breakthroughs in machine cognition, our agents help you make sense of large amounts of information in real-time.

We offer cognitive agents that can learn, reason, and act in various complex and dynamic environments

Titan Autonomous Cognitive Agents are cloud-based software agents.  They integrate and orchestrate several proprietary cognitive engines to offer an all-in-one solution for intelligently automating how AI learns from and reasons about information.  As a result, Titan cognitive agents eliminate the need for having AI expertise or data science skills. Furthermore, all of the agents’ functionalities are accessible through a single natural interface—Language.

Explore the benefits of Titan cognitive agents

With Titan autonomous cognitive agents, we aim to reduce the risk and uncertainty of deploying AI services by offering an end-to-end cognitive ability.  Due to our breakthroughs in natural language understanding, our agents do not need to be trained. Instead, they learn continuously and in real-time from reading textual data —saving you time, money, and the frustration associated with AI projects.  Most importantly, Titan cognitive agents can explain their decisions through cause and effect, giving you complete perspective.




Example application:
Cognitive search and information understanding


From a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Survey titled “Knowledge Mining and the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence-Led Transformation.”

82%  of respondents say that exploring, understanding, and using unstructured information contained in such things as pdfs, images, and audio files in a timely way is a significant challenge for their organization.” 

77% are using manual methods to handle unstructured information, and those methods will quickly be outpaced by the growth of data and potential use cases in which this information could provide great value.”

Survey Respondents

See the handling of unstructured data as a major challenge for their organization.

Survey Respondents

Are using manual methods to handle unstructured information.

Solution: Cognitive Modeling

The way an AI, internally, structures and represents information that resides in external systems (e.g., spreadsheets, databases, documents, customer service logs, social feeds, and so on) strongly affects its accuracy and effectiveness.  Our agents build cognitive models of the information at their disposal and simulate potential scenarios.  This enables them to understand the information at hand. 

Because we use cognitive agents that can orchestrate several AI engines and algorithms, the same solution above applies to many applications:  Cognitive search, knowledge mining, chatbots, question answering, and customer service automation, to name a few.

We provide two types of cognitive agents


Interface: "text in, text out"

Environment: Metis reasons over environments made entirely from language.

Applications: Chatbots, cognitive search, knowledge mining, question answering, and customer service automation are some of the applications for Metis.

Benefit: Easy to use.


Interface: "text in, text out"

Environment: Atlas reasons over environments made from language or code. Through Atlas SDK, developers can infuse their applications with AI.

Applications: Video games, IOT devices, manufacturing simulations, Robotics, are some of the unique applications for Atlas.

Benefit: Gives developers more control over the configuration of the environment.

All of our cognitive agents functionality is accessible through a single API

We will be releasing an API for Titan cognitive agents.  This general-purpose API provides a “text in, text out” interface for teaching the agents or asking questions about what it knows.  You will soon be able to request access to integrate the API into your environments and applications. 

We can notify you when our products and services become available.