Real-Time Natural Language Processing

The Titan cognitive agent processes data (in text) . i.e., extracting entities and the relationships between them. 

After extracting the entities and relationships, the agent auto-generates a real-time cognitive model in the form of a dynamic knowledge graph and stores it into its memory.

Upon receiving queries or instructions, the agents navigate the knowledge graph to retrieve or act on newly structured information (answers are in the form text, and actions trigger code).

Language-Driven Spatial Reasoning

The Titan world model is layered on top of the Titan dynamic knowledge graph, a representation of the natural world’s basic metaphysical building blocks and relationships (signals, symbols, concepts, events, agents, time, space, and others).

Developers use the Titan SDK to customize the graph when there is a need to convert the representation from abstract to concrete (3D) in applications that require spatial capability.

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