Flexible Service Plans and Pricing

Try Titan API basic plan for free. Credit Card is not needed.
Require a different plan? Switch between plans and pay-as-you-go.
No longer use Titan API? Cancel your plan at anytime. You're never locked in.

We have selected RapidAPI (The leading API marketplace for software developers) as a service partner to help facilitate the implementation of Titan with your software.


Free Access Coming Soon
  • Requests:
    10,000 / month
    (Hard Limit)
  • Rate Limit:
    2 requests/second
  • Limited Cognitive Memory
  • Pre-Configured Cognitive Agent
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Open Beta


Developers Access Coming Soon
  • Requests:
    100,000 / month
    (Soft Limit)
  • Rate Limit:
    10 requests/second
  • Cognitive Memory (Up to 4GB)
  • Personal Cognitive Agent
  • Email and Chat support


Enterprise Access Coming Soon
  • Requests:
    1,000,000 / month
    (Soft Limit)
  • Rate Limit:
    100 requests/second
  • Configurable Cognitive Memory
  • Configurable Multi-Agent System
  • Email, Chat, and Phone Support
  • Cognitive Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a credit card?

A credit card is required only if the plan you choose is a paid plan or has a quota with an overage fee. A credit card is not needed for the free plan.

Is my payment information secure?

Credit cards are processed through a RapidAPI PCI-compliant banking partner.

When will I be billed?

 Your credit card is charged upon subscription to a paid plan and at the next recurring interval.

What if I exceed my plan limits?

Depending on your plan’s specification, you will either incur overage charges or be suspended until next billing cycle.

How are refunds handled?

For refund requests, please contact [email protected]

How do I unsubscribe from a plan?

If you would no longer like to use the Titan API, you can unsubscribe from the plan at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button under the Billing section of the RapidAPI Dashboard.

How do I get started with building applications?

How do I submit my feedback?

Fill in the Titan evaluation form to send in your questions and comments.  We will address your inquiries as soon as possible.