What is Titan AI?

Titan AI is a full-scale cognitive automation platform. It replicates and integrates several cognitive skills like continuous learning, natural language understanding, contextual reasoning, physics-based simulations, and agent interaction into a single software tool for building intelligent entities and applications.

At a high level, Titan AI is comprised of several components that work together to model and simulate real-world scenarios and enable users to interact naturally with digital information:

Cognitive Interfaces (CI): Cognitive interfaces play a key role in human-machine interactions: The more natural the exchange, the better the collaboration. The primary interface for Titan AI today is natural language. In the future, Atlas cognitive and immersive agents (see product roadmap) will introduce other 3D spatial interfaces.  

Cognitive Environments (CE): For any AI to work well, it needs to have a model of the problem it is trying to solve. Titan CE uses a dynamic multi-layered ontology (a digital mesh) to represent knowledge. The mesh updates in real-time and hosts a representation of people, concepts, events, processes, agents, and data into a unified human-readable environment.

Cognitive Agents (CA): AI can be a simple algorithm designed to seek out patterns and classify them or a full-fledged agent working to solve complex problems that require completing a series of tasks. Titan CA is the latter, a software entity with an integrated set of intelligence subsystems for acquiring knowledge, understanding content in context, orchestrating tasks, and communicating naturally. Cognitive agents are to cognitive environments what humans are to the real world. 

Cognitive Exchange (CX): Titan CX facilitates natural language-driven interactions between different agents and environments. The equivalent of a mini cognitive internet, Titan Exchange provides the framework for inter-domain communication and value transfer. 

Why Titan AI?

The current advancements in cognitive technologies coupled with the abundance of data have renewed the excitement of AI's role in automating processes, interactions, and insights.

Despite this enthusiasm, AI deployment remains complex and expensive. Distinct AI techniques take a really long time to materialize into a solution and often do not offer organizations the transformational capabilities they seek. In fact, many outright fail!

With Titan AI, we aim to reduce the risk and uncertainty by offering an end-to-end cognitive ability through intelligent software agents instead of a 'stitch-it-yourself' panacea of incompatible narrow AI technologies. Our cognitive agents (CAs) can learn autonomously, continuously, and in real-time from reading textual data —saving you time, money, and the frustration associated with training AI algorithms— Most importantly, CAs can explain their decisions through cause and effect, giving you a complete perspective on situations.

Unified Ontology

BUild Fast
govern with confidence
deploy at scale

How does Titan AI work?

Learn: Titan cognitive agents convert in real-time structured and unstructured data into a dynamic ontology.
Understand: Titan cognitive agents build hierarchical relationships between the data and use this topology for reasoning.
Act: Titan cognitive agents respond to queries, statements, and directives from users and other agents in natural language.

Titan AI product suite